Greenhouse Upside Down Micro Spray  

Micro-spray irrigation and mist-spray irrigation have better cooling effect. It is necessary to control the natural temperature during the growth period of protected vegetable, full spectrum seedling and black fungus, etc. Under the condition of high temperature, micro-spray irrigation can reduce the near-ground temperature of protected areas by 2-3°C and increase the air humidity, which is beneficial to the growth of these crops   Product features: 1. Easy to installation, operation and maintenance; 2. The built-in drip irrigation pipe ensures the long life of emitter; 3. Good anti-clogging performance and uniform water flow; 4. Significantly improve the yield and quality of crops; 5. It is suitable for irrigation of agricultural facilities such as field and small area sunlight greenhouse. Upside down micro-spray seedling The atomization effect is good. With the help of the anti-dripping device, the phenomenon of dripping and damage t…

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