Waist Fusible Elastic Tailoring Interlining  

Shirt collar interlining and Fusible  interlining refers to the cotton or linen cloth that is unfinished or only sizing and stiffened. It is a relatively primitive interlining. for suit interlining or coat interlining (1) Woven resin black carbon interlining: also known as wool interlining, it is made of cotton, chemical fiber, wool pure spinning or blending as light yarn, chemical fiber and yak hair or other animal hair blending as weft yarn, warp woven into base fabric, and warp yarn. Interlining made of resin finishing. called hat lining and shoe lining (2) Cap  interlining: woven or knitted cotton and chemical fiber pure spinning, blended fabrics, scouring, bleaching or dyeing and other finishing, and resin finishing. Referred to as resin lining. Product Type: Interlinings & Linings M…

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